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Argentina Vs Prancis

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The 2022 World Football Final will bring together two big teams in FIFA’s biggest football tournament, namely Argentina vs France. This match is very prestigious because it will give birth to a new and prestigious history for each team.

Argentina last won the World Cup in 1986, if it is successful this time then the title drought will end. Meanwhile, France is the defending champion after coming out as champion in 2018. If you win this time, France will equal the records of Italy (1934 and 1938 Champion) and Brazil (1958 and 1962 Champion), who won two consecutive editions of the world.

The final match this time will certainly be fierce and tight considering the statistics of the two during the tournament. Both of them won the final ticket convincingly, Argentina won 3-0 over Croatia while France won 2-0 over Morocco.

The success of reaching the top of the 2022 World Football Festival cannot be separated from the concoction of the coach’s strategy, the players who become creators and the deadly duo that bombards the opponent’s defense.