Prize Nominal for All Participating Teams

FIFA has allocated prize money for all 32 World Cup contesting teams. This money is used to cover each team’s preparation costs.

The initial prize value for all participating teams has the same nominal value, each of 1.5 million United States Dollars.

Meanwhile, FIFA has also released a nominal prize list for the team with the best achievements at the 2022 World Cup, starting from the team that was eliminated in the group stage to the winning team.

In total, the prize money at the 2022 World Cup reached 440 million United States Dollars, 40 million Dollars higher than the 2018 World Cup edition in Russia.

The following is the distribution of prizes for the 2022 World Cup teams in full (currency in United States Dollars):

  • Champion: 42 million Dollars
  • Runner-up: 30 million Dollars
  • Third place: 27 million Dollars
  • Fourth place: 25 million Dollars
  • Ranks 5 – 8: 17 million Dollars per team
  • Ranks 9 – 16: 13 million Dollars per team
  • 17th – 32nd place: 9 million Dollars per team

Qatar 2022 World Cup matches have started since yesterday (20/11). Until 18 December 2022, 32 participants will compete to win the trophy in the world’s most prestigious soccer tournament which is held every four years.

Apart from the trophy, the champion and other participants will also bring hundreds of billions of rupiah in prizes. According to Sporting News, the International Football Federation (FIFA) has allocated a total budget of US$440 million as a prize for organizing the 2022 World Cup.

Later, each competing participant will receive a cash prize according to their respective achievements. At the group level, each team has pocketed US $ 9 million.

Furthermore, the team that finishes in the top 16 will get US$13 million, then the team that finishes in the quarterfinals will get US$17 million.

Then, the team that ranks fourth will get US$25 million. The team that wins third place will get US$27 million, the second place alias runner-up will get US$30 million, and the 2022 World Cup winner will get US$42 million in prize money.

The amount of prizes for the winners is known to have increased from the previous edition of the World Cup. At the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, the first place winner received US$30 million in prize money. Followed by the 2014 World Cup Brazil US $ 35 million and the 2018 World Cup Russia US $ 38 million.

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